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Selecting a photographer is hard enough. I’m here to make it easier to make that choice. My style is natural using the great outdoors to capture all of my images. Whether it’s a graduation session or a winter afternoon session I aim for the final images to look as natural as the setting themselves whether indoors or outside


I aim to make the process easier by providing as much information as needed for you to make the decision a lot easier

That's why I created these

Special Packages

for those who want more than mememories

Capturing unforgettable memories is at the core of why I ventured into photography. Through my lens, I have documented numerous graduations, portraits, and events, each moment etched in time. The joy of freezing these precious instances propelled me to envision this as a daily calling, a passion that fuels my soul. Interacting with diverse individuals, and framing their stories through photography, gives me immense pleasure and adds purpose to each day. The ability to encapsulate emotions and create lasting memories is a privilege that I cherish, making every click behind the camera truly special.

From the bustling city of Vancouver, BC to the rolling hills of the Rocky Mountains near Dawson Creek, BC, the province of British Columbia boasts a diverse tapestry of landscapes. Born and raised in BC, with roots firmly planted in Northeastern BC, I have come to appreciate the unique beauty and charm of this region.

Vancouver’s metropolitan bustle contrasts sharply with the serene tranquility of the Rocky Mountains near Dawson Creek. The stunning vistas, lush forests, and rugged terrain weave a rich tapestry that is quintessentially British Columbian. Living in Northeastern BC all my life, I have been privileged to witness the changing seasons paint the landscape in vibrant hues, from the blooming wildflowers of spring to the snow-capped peaks of winter.

This area truly stands out as one of the most beautiful regions in the province, offering a blend of natural wonders and outdoor adventures. Whether exploring the pristine lakes, hiking the winding trails, or simply taking in the breathtaking scenery, Northeastern BC never fails to captivate with its raw, unspoiled beauty.


As a proud BC native, I find solace and inspiration in the untamed wilderness of Northeastern BC, a place that will always hold a special corner in my heart.

the Process

1. Planning

The first step in preparing for your special day is to get in touch with our team. Our experienced professionals are here to help you plan and execute a memorable event. Whether it’s your wedding day or another important occasion, we are dedicated to ensuring that every moment is captured beautifully.

When you connect with us, we can work together to choose the ideal photography package for your specific needs. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we have packages designed to suit a variety of preferences and styles. Let us guide you through the process of selecting the perfect photography coverage that will preserve your cherished memories for years to come.

To confirm your chosen package, kindly proceed to our booking site. After selecting your desired package, you can secure your session by booking it through our platform. Following the booking process, an invoice will be generated for your initial deposit. The initial deposit amount is set at fifty (50) percent of the total package price. This advance payment ensures that your preferred date is reserved for you.

The remaining balance must be settled one week before your scheduled session. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for you and enables us to prepare adequately for your session. We look forward to providing you with a memorable and tailored experience during your session. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

2. Enjoy the moment

Capturing the moments that matter throughout the day requires a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the seemingly mundane. From the soft glow of the morning light as it first kisses the earth, to the whispered conversations exchanged between attendees, each moment holds a story waiting to be told.

As the day unfolds, the small details become the thread that weaves together the larger narrative. The intricate lace adorning a table setting, the fleeting smiles shared between friends and the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze – these are the fragments that when pieced together, create a tapestry of memories.

Whether it’s the shy glances stolen between lovers or the laughter that fills the air during moments of levity, each detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of time. A skilled observer knows that the magic lies not just in the grand gestures, but in the quiet beauty of the in-between moments.

As the event draws to a close, it is these small details that linger long after the day has ended. The way a hand reaches out for another in a gesture of solidarity, or the wistful look in someone’s eyes as they watch the sun dip below the horizon – these are the moments that etch themselves into our hearts.

So, let us not overlook the delicate intricacies that make up the fabric of our experiences. For in capturing the small details, we capture the essence of life itself – fleeting, fragile, and utterly beautiful.

3. Proofing and Final Delivery

Upon the conclusion of your session, the true work commences. After transferring the images to my computer, my meticulous review process begins to identify the finest shots while discarding any that do not meet quality standards (such as those that are out of focus, feature closed eyes, or appear blurry due to movement).

Once the selection for proofing is made, I proceed to upload them onto the designated online gallery. Shortly after, you will receive an email notification inviting you to browse your gallery. To choose images for download, simply mark your favorites up to the allocated number included in your package (these images are not fully edited yet). Should you desire more images, just reach out via email or text, and we can discuss pricing options. Typically, a fee of $100 covers the entire gallery upon request.

Subsequently, I will temporarily remove the gallery from view to concentrate on perfecting the chosen images through complete editing, including adjustments for color, tone, and brightness, ensuring they meet our high standards.

Once that meticulous process is completed, I promptly re-upload the final images onto the convenient online gallery platform for easy download access! Now, take pleasure in viewing the stunning images and don’t hesitate to spread the joy by sharing them on various social media platforms, with a kind reminder to credit the talented photographer who captured these moments.

the Investment

Bronze Portrait Package
• 30-minute Session
• 15 digital images
Online Gallery
Silver Portrait Package
60-minute session
30 digital images
Online Gallery
Gold Portrait Package
120-minute session
60 digital images
Online Gallery

Connect with Us

If you’re looking for a stress-free and laid-back photography experience that doesn’t compromise professionalism, you’ve come to the right place. Our team specializes in creating beautiful images while ensuring a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere throughout the session.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, updating your family portraits, or simply want to capture some cherished moments, our easy-going approach will make the entire process enjoyable and smooth. We believe that the best photos come from natural and authentic interactions, so we aim to create a space where you can truly be yourself.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a photography journey that is both laid-back and professional, reach out to us today to schedule your session. Let’s capture timeless moments together in a relaxed and authentic way.